Our Board of Directors

Besides actively supporting our programs & activities, the members or our Board of Directors participate in monthly meetings of the board at SU’s Lubin House in NYC to report, plan, arrange, assess and strategize together, all on behalf of Leadership & Public Service High School.

Our members include SU alumni volunteers, other volunteers, staff from LPSHS – including the Principal, Assistant Principals, a Teacher and a Guidance Counselor — as well as several representatives from Syracuse University – including an English Professor from the SU School of Education and the SU Director of Admissions for the NY Metropolitan Area.


The Friends of Leadership & Public Service High School

Ruth Schlesinger Sherman


Paul K. Piccone


Elisabeth Dwyer

Vice President

Brianna Larson Chenell

Curt Dirks

Curt Dircks

Director of SUMMA

Jerome Ryan

Budget Director
Board of Directors

Dick Adelman

A Founder of The Friends

Joseph Donovan

Nancy Girondo

Megan Hickey

Anthony Igbokwe

Ass’t Principal LPSHS

Fred C. Klein

A Founder of The Friends

Mathew Mazer

Donna Mobley

SUMMA Mentee Coordinator & teacher (LPSHS)

Lonnie Morrison

SU Dir. Of Admissions for the NY Metro area

Krista Niles

Jane W. Present

Immediate Past President, a Founder of The Friends

Michelle Reason

Victoria Regina

Guidance Counselor LPSHS

Philip Santos

Principal LPSHS

Donald Schupak

Founder of LPSHS, an honorary member

Rebecca Twitchell

Louise Wilkinson

Professor of English at SU SOE

Lindsay Bistis

Corey Karsch Tendler

Karen Au Frank

Katherine Black

Scott Bloom

Zulma Daiello

Rajesh Goel

Rebecca Rudelson

Sarah Shirley